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What is electronic cigarette?
Electronic Cigarettes are perfect substitutes for the traditional cigarettes and mimic their appearance from every angle. A heating element is utilized that vaporizes a liquid solution to produce vapour instead of smoke. Most of them do not include nicotine. So, you can enjoy tobacco free smoking!
What are the components of e- cigarette?
Atomizer: In order to heat up the nicotine liquid to produce vapour, the heating element available in the atomizer is used. The coil within the atomizer gets heated up when the battery charging is done.
Battery: Small e cigs utilize smaller batteries and the large come installed with larger batteries.
Cartomizer: A single unit that combines atomizer and cartridge is the Cartomizer. Being a disposable item, it gets degraded over a period of time.
Cartridge: The mouthpiece which contains liquid which is inserted into the atomizer. Here, the liquid gets heated up to turn into vapour.
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If dissatisfied, What Should you do?
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