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The harmful effects of smoking nicotine filled cigarettes are growing on a daily basis. The list is becoming endless regarding the physical ailments for tobacco smokers. There is an even greater concern for non-smokers that are exposed to second hand smoke. The UK has taken the unhealthy considerations of tobacco smoking by encouraging the use of electronic cigarettes. E cigs are much safer as an alternative way to smoke without releasing harmful toxins included in toxic cigarettes. Any form of electronic cigarette UK release a harmless vapour with the absence of dangerous carbon monoxide or tar contained in regular cigarettes. Our site is one of the most established and leading vendors of e cigarettes that provide a variety of options in e-cigs that are battery operated and highly dependable.

Many countries are recognizing the harmful contaminants produced by cigarette smoke in enclosed locations. Measures or laws are being arranged to prohibit tobacco smoke in several areas. The UK is grasping the trend of e cigarettes in great numbers with expectations of UK e cigarette smokers reaching close to 1.5 million users in 2013. Our site guarantees that our varieties of e-cigs produce merely any toxins that are produced by normal cigarettes. Our site performs continuous research to accentuate the safety of vapour cigarettes. Our company works hand in hand with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the UK to provide a safe and durable product. Our company is well established with the primary purpose of saving lives from the deadly results of smoking harmful cigarettes.

Every e cig consumer has different needs. Our company is here to ensure that consumers are led in the right direction to find a product that will ensure comfort while making the switch from tobacco filled cigarettes to e-cigs. Our site is startled by the fact that there are tobacco related deaths every six seconds in the UK. The statistics are almost unfathomable related to the amazing amount of over 1,000 toxins within a tobacco cigarette. Customers are welcome on a daily basis to be handled with the best customer service to assist with making the right choice to fit the specific needs of each individual.

Smoking is technically an addiction that is very difficult for people to stop abruptly. Our company understands the difficulty in giving up the nicotine provided by regular cigarettes. Our goal is to make the transition to an e cigarette as easy as possible for the betterment of health for every person with a desire to quit harmful smoking. The smell alone from tobacco cigarettes will easily dissipate following the change to e cigs. Our company located in the UK easily recognizes the benefits of choosing electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes that are filled with harmful toxins. Our UK Company will continue to make every attempt to improve the health of the population one person at a time.